Stash7 Waterpockets



Before you jump or fall into the water:

• Clip The Stash7 Leash to the eyelets of your Waterpocket.

• After inserting your phone into the Waterpocket, make sure the zipper is fully sealed with a little air still inside the pocket, then give a little squeeze to ensure no air is escaping.

•  Don't leave your phone or other items in the Waterpocket for extended periods in direct sunlight or hot temperatures.  You won't be happy if you do.

• Keep your zipper sealed when not in use;)

• Size does matter -  and for proper fit, those incredibly huge plus+ size phones may need any protective cases removed before inserting into Waterpocket.

Please Note: Waterpockets are made with heavy duty zippers, so they tend to be a wee stiff to open the first couple times.  This is a good thing. Please be patient and remember that the tighter the seal, the better your ridiculously expensive phone is protected.

Another Note: If using your Waterpocket in cold temperatures it may be a bit harder to open the zipper.  I'm not too hip on the mechanical properties of synthetic polymers, but I think it's because of the molecues reduced ability to stretch and absorb energy? Either way, I hope you stay warm and just know it may make take a little more effort to open the zipper if it's cold outside.